OOH Media Services

Be All Day Prime time

In the era of Click, Like, Pageview and Share, OOH media is a core that cannot be blocked, skipped or viewed by bots. OOH is a major part of the advertising world that capitalize on business growth by exchanging goods and services with local advertisers.

With BarterEase, every minute is a Prime time. We understand, reaching the potential customer/audience has never been too hard. We are integrated with a system that is highly expert in OOH media, that helps in adding more value by drawing the potential audience to your brand and products. Hundreds of companies have shown immense trust in our OOH media potential, that helps to build a strong relationship between brands and audience.

We implement new technology to make OOH more relevant, responsive and rewarding to drive the right audience. Placing the canvass at the right location is the first and impactful medium for a successful OOH media advertising. BarterEase helps to get the location right for OOH Media, to drive digital amplification for better audience response and ROIs.

OOH Media Advertising Includes:

  • Billboards (static & digital, and walls capes)
  • Posters (the billboards little brother, also static and digital)
  • Buses (sides, backs, wraps, interiors)
  • Commuter Rail & Subway: Media at entrances, on platforms, and in the trains
  • Transit Shelters & Street Furniture: Bus stops, street kiosk, informational pillars, etc.
  • Airport Media
  • Taxis
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Retail Advertising